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               Art Tile - Tile Made From Recycled Clay & Glass - Sustainbly Made Tile  
            Fireplace Surrounds - Kitchens & Baths - Backsplashes - Beautiful Floors
             In-Floor Heat - Outdoor Applications - Barrier-Free Accessible Showers
                            We Support      "Harpswell      Year-Round"
Amazing Tile From Around the Universe...
   Tile From Away is your "Maine" source for American handmade tile
(and for factory-made porcelain, stone, & ceramic tile, too).
We love working with our tile artisans from all over North America.
Whether you buy one focal piece or a complete bathroom, every
piece is made with love and attention to detail. You can buy it
from us in Maine or have us ship it to you where you live. 
We can provide you with amazing tile made
by amazing artists. Go to any of the tile galleries to see a sampling of our tile.

Check out our 
Harpswell Store.


    Customer Service From the Neighborhood... 
    Tile From Away is situated in and near a series of small year-round and summer communities located on the MidCoast of Maine filled with folks who understand good customer service and who want to be informed consumers.  When we provide them with information to help them make an informed decision, so they can select the tile they want and know they got good value for their money and a beautiful result.

       Call us to make an appointment to discuss your project.  We can meet with you at our studio or at your site - just give us a call  

                           Not "Business as Usual"...
     Artisans are manufacturing in America

A minimum of 70% of all of the products we sell
                    meet one or more of the following criteria:

Artisan -         Artisan-made handcrafted tile or accessories

Made in USA -
Domestically produced [those within 500 miles may qualify                                 for LEED credits]

Sustainable -   
Recycled, reused, or sustainably produced

Responsible -
Companies that "give back" to their local or extended                                        communities

When using products made on an industrial scale, we will strive to prioritize products from companies with a sensible and environmentally conscious production method.

We will not support companies that do not embrace fair wage and labor practices. We will not support companies that are irresponsible polluters

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