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Humpback whale mural handmade tile Tile From Away

Humpback Whale Mural for Shower Bench Seat

Our Story

Tile From Away is one of the most awesome tile businesses you will come across. Always pushing the envelope with design and materials, Tile From Away will help you create your own unique tile installation. Whether it is an indoor installation or an outdoor creation, a project you are doing yourself or you need project management, we will assist you in selection the appropriate materials for your job while working with you to create a space that is individual to you.  

With almost 50 years experience in the business, we will help you plan your project and get the right materials in your hands with Tile From Away Consultation Services. Whether you need a quick phone or email conversation or an more in depth discussion, we can help. Contact Tile From Away to find out how Tile From Away can help you. 

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Tel: 207-833-6618

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