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Shower Bench Built on Site

Design Studio

As you plan your tile project, whether it be a

small project or a whole house project, a

do-it-yourself project or one that you have

hired someone to install, an indoor

project or an outdoor space, you or your

installer may have tile-related questions

that you need answered.


You may have an installation question, a

design question, or a technical question

concerning a particular material; having

the right answer and having it when you

need it is crucial. Getting the right answer

could save you time and money.


As part of our services, we provide reasonably

priced tile consultation services, as well as design

services and project management. You

may need a 15 minute consult by email, a

two hour telephone discussion, or an on-site visit.

Whatever the case may be, we can work with

you to get your project moving toward completion.

Planning an outdoor project. Let's do it right!

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Bench set up.jpg

Phases of on-site construction 

Bench in progress.jpg

         of a waterproof

Shower in Progress.jpg

           shower bench

Shower Complete.jpg
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