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Nautical Chart Murals

Nautical Chart Murals - In so many coastal parts of the country, boaters have used paper nautical charts to navigate the waters in which they travel. Although paper charts have been mostly replaced by digital maps, many still use them or they have the charts hanging on the wall of their home. In coastal homes all over the east coast, kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms are the most popular places people hang their charts, the possibilities are endless.


We have replaced many yellowed, torn paper charts on walls with a tile chart mural in these homes. The charts are in summer homes where people love to see where they are and in winter homes in their "away" homes to ponder during those months in their "wintah" homes.

Made to order murals of nautical charts on Botticino Marble tiles, charts can be customized in many ways. The scale can often be changed to make certain features more visible.  Place names can be added or removed, and specific locations (such as your home or business) can be noted with a star. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for the mural that you are considering.

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Our Chart

This is our local chart. Chart murals of a "home port" are our most requested but we can also produce a mural of another favorite place. Maps are available of many inland lakes and also antique and topographic maps.

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Beach Cottage

This chart mural, depicting the coastline where this cottage is located, demonstrates how to incorporate a linear chart into your overall design.


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Imagine It!

Curious about what your chart would look like in tile ?  We can show you your mural in four, six or eight inch tile formats.

Topo Map

Live by a lake, river,  or in the mountains? A topo map on Botticino marble is a great addition to a room.

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Kitchen Before & After
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